I want a toxic relationship. I want someone that has the upper hand over my muse, because god knows that’s a rarity in its own. I want possessiveness. And control issues. Intensity.  


If my character were an angel, what would they be guardian over?



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What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them

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Leave “Nightmare” in my askbox


And I’ll generator a nightmare my character has with yours in it. Numbers range between 1- 16.

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  • Who was the one to propose:
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:
  • Who decorated the house:
  • Who does the cooking:
  • Who is more organized:
  • Who initiates bedroom fun:
  • Who suggested kids first:
  • Who’s more dominant:
  • Who’s the cuddler:
  • Who’s the…

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do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them. it could be completely silent and it would just be magical to be there with them.



// what should i be doing? catching up on replys and my reading.

what am i doing? listening to the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack and making an inedible mug brownie

i don’t think they’re supposed to be crunchy

// update: when i tried to get a chunk out my fork bent. tried again, a chunk flew out and nearly dented the wall i have made an industrial-grade concrete using sugar and cocoa

apparently the smell is nauseating

tastes like flour and chocolate farts


i fucked up somewhere along the line

Send my muse a dream, whether it be a nightmare, a wet dream, a trippy dream, or whatever else and I’ll write my muses reaction waking up after that dream.